Theatre History

Drama finals are coming up and everyone is tense. Drama is not just acting, but also learning the history. A LOT of history. It is a bit complicated to memorize off of notes so here it is in qiz form.

Are YOU capable of passing your drama final? Do you have the skills and IQ to memorize such history? Do you want to be a great actor? Why am I still talking? Somebody shut me up so this guy can take the drama history quiz!

Created by: John

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  1. Who was the first actor?
  2. Dithyramb is an early form of______
  3. A tragedy would have a chorus of
  4. Pompey ordered Vitruvius to write what book?
  5. A Roman scenic element that quickly changes the background is a:
  6. Pulpitum is Latin (Roman) for
  7. Which Roman Playwright's work did Shakespeare adapt into Titus Andronicus?
  8. Where in the theatre space did the Chorus perform?
  9. When was the first pemanent theatre built in Rome?
  10. Pageant wagons carried what type of plays?
  11. The Medici family ruled ________ in the 1400s
  12. Who rewrote Vitruvius" book in 1545?
  13. The father of Stage Lighting is
  14. Constantinople fell in _______ triggering the Middle Ages
  15. Bard means:
  16. The edict of Approval under Charles II allows:
  17. The Merry Monarch refers to
  18. The Siege of Rhodes is the first English _________, written by Davenant
  19. Angle perspective (2 or more vanishing points) was mastered by the____________ family
  20. The Marriage of Figaro was written by_____ and later adapted by Mozart
  21. The common belief of where Theatre began was where?
  22. Who is the Greek god of wine and fertility?
  23. Deus ex Machina is:
  24. Theatre was banned by the Catholic Church during:
  25. A brief outline of a plot is a
  26. Shakespeare was a member of what acting company?
  27. Who's plays were performed at the Globe Theatre?
  28. Who wrote the "Imaginary Invalid"?
  29. Who led the English Revolution and gained ruling power?
  30. Who ruled England during the Restoration?
  31. where was Cervantes when he wrote Don Quixote?
  32. Which country began the Renaissance?
  33. Sophocles wrote;
  34. Which is not one of the three unities of Greek Theatre?
  35. The "seeing place" is known as a:
  36. From the Greek word meaning, "song of the goat", we get:
  37. Who wrote the famous play version of "Dr. Faustus"?
  38. Under which English rules were women allowed to act in the theatre?
  39. A famous designer/producer of masques with Ben Jonson, in England was:
  40. Which country had the last Renaissance?

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