Which Theatre 'D Art Creator Are You?

This quiz is designed to look deeper inside some of the minds of Theatre 'D Art and see who you most likely resemble (only one of five possible outcomes, and may add more later as we grow!).

There is a certain level of insanity that goes into creating the absurd theatrical productions of Theatre 'D Art, and this quiz will help you define that insanity. Which THEATRE 'D ART CREATOR ARE YOU?

Created by: The Osbourne Studio
  1. How much blood should be used in a play?
  2. My most humbling moment as a director was when...
  3. My biggest directing influence might be:
  4. The reason I'm still in theater is:
  5. If I had a mascot, it would be:
  6. My favorite alcoholic beverage is:
  7. Backstage, I'm most known for:
  8. No matter what happens, I'm OK if I have:
  9. Someday I'll be paid to be:
  10. Onstage, you'll most likely see me:

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Quiz topic: Which Theatre 'D Art Creator am I?