Rent National Tour Quiz

The national tour of Rent is visiting the State Theatre this January. Now's your chance to see how well you know this rock spectacle. Take this quiz to see whether or not you are a true Rent fanatic.

Enjoy this Broadway hit when it tours to the State Theatre in New Brunswick, NJ on January 16-17, 2008. Buy your tickets now online at or call 732-246-SHOW.

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  1. In "Light My Candle" what does Mimi say she's born to be?
  2. How old did Roger think Mimi was?
  3. What character DOESN'T have AIDS?
  4. What was the name of the cow in "Over the Moon"?
  5. What is Angel's favorite holiday?
  6. Finish the line from Maureen's protest: "____ with me."
  7. Who used to live with Roger and Mark?
  8. Whose hands does Mimi compare to her father's?
  9. How much did Angel get paid for killing Benny's dog?
  10. What is Mark's occupation?

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