do you know rent?

you may like rent but are you really a rent head?? rent heads are special people who watch rent and never get tired of it- except seasons of love even though thats a really important song.

are you a rent head? i dont know. wanna find out? you should because you might live the rest of your life being like am i a rent head? damn i should have taken that quiz! but if you do you'll find out. and thats good.

Created by: jill
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  1. what is marks job?
  2. what is mimi's job?
  3. Angel is in love with
  4. who is alison grey of the west point greys?
  5. oh hard one- what is APRIL'S last name??
  6. only real rent head know this one, how many minutes are there in a year?
  7. Finish the lyric: sunny santa fe would be
  8. Finish the lyric: you dont want baggage without lifetime garuntees, you dont want to watch me
  9. name a deleted song
  10. name someone with aids
  11. name someone without aids (or is never said)
  12. who threw a dog out the window?
  13. what floor of her apartment did alison grey live on? (hint: think of today for you- on the window ledge of that _____)
  14. who is the enemy of avenue a?
  15. during la vie boheme, who grabs on to marks leg?
  16. what is the last word in that movie?
  17. what is the title of marks film?
  18. who says this line?? you expect sympathy from the guy who shut off our power on christmas eve?
  19. who was really sick when they were filming another day?
  20. Who is tay diggs in the movie?
  21. what color is angels second wig?
  22. what kind of car does benny have?
  23. who's goal is just to be?
  24. what does angel use as a drum?
  25. whos last name is johnson?
  26. what color are maureens nails?
  27. did mimi die at the end?
  28. who hugs collins during la vie boheme b?

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Quiz topic: Do I know rent?