The ultimate rent quiz

While some of us mourn at the dissappearance of Jonathan Larson's amazing creation of RENT. Others simply have no clue. This is so tell the difference.

Think you're a renthead? Think you can tell me anything from Angel's sexual orientation the whole la vie boheme lyrics? From the minutes in a year to how many times mimi's candle is blown out. Test yourself out!

Created by: Elsa
  1. Who is standing at the far left of the line in seasons of love?
  2. What are the two 'instruments' angel uses to play his beats?
  3. What does Collins reply when Angel asks if he's ok?
  4. What was mimi inviting roger to when she wrote on the window?
  5. What did the man who speaks in life support find out the previous day?
  6. A hard one, what is roger's late girlfriend's surname
  7. What colour is the guitar that roger buys in santa fe?
  8. What possession of angels was on her coffin?
  9. What colour was Angel wearing at maureen and joanne's engagement?
  10. What is Joanne's proffesion?

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