How Well Do You Know Boys Like Girls Songs ?

Many people suggest that they are the ultimate Boys Like Girls superfan...but are they ? Choose this quiz and seperate the superfans from the superlosers. Do You Know The Difference ? Try The Quiz And Find Out !

Are You A Superfan ? Or Are You Just Some Kid Who Hasn't a clue ? Doubting your BLG inteligence ? Well You dont have to anymore ! Try Your Hand At The Ultimate BLG Quiz To See if You Know Your Stuff !!

Created by: Amy
  1. In Broken Man; what lyrics come after these..." I Won't Let You Bring Me Down"
  2. What Song does the lyrics "Wouldn't it Be Great To Be Fashionably Late?"
  3. Finish This Line and then say which song it is from "Your Voice Was The Soundtrack Of My Summer".
  4. Love is Just A Chemical Creation..Is a line from which BLG song ?
  5. In The Song "Heels Over Head", Where is Martin Hiding Her 'Runaway Smile' ?
  6. "You Were Always Leaving Your s--- Around" was a line from which song ?
  7. Whats the Seventh Track On The Boys Like Girls Album?
  8. Finish The Slogan On Martin Johnson's Teeshirt..."If You Don't Dance, You Hate____" What ?
  9. In Heels Over Head, Whats Worth 10,000 miles ?
  10. Finish This Line From the Great Escape... "We'll scream loud at the top of our lungs"

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Boys Like Girls Songs ?