Whats Your German Name? (Deluxe Edition: For Boys and Girls)

Now presenting the new-and-improved German name quiz! This quiz will focus less on real-life situations, and more on personal questions. This quiz is for boys and girls (Girls names will be listed first on the results)

Please, answer all questions honestly. Do not lie to make yourself seem more attractive or better-off. Are you ready to discover your true German name? Start the quiz to find out!

Created by: Brigit
  1. You are asked to a party by a friend. You don't know anyone coming, besides your friend. You...
  2. At lunch, someone new is sitting by themselves at a table. You...
  3. Now, you will be asked to evaluate yourself.
  4. I feel like my emotions control me.
  5. I procrastinate.
  6. I like to meet new people.
  7. I like to travel to new places.
  8. I like to read.
  9. I have a broad range of hobbies and talents.
  10. I am easily distracted.
  11. When I get mad, my self-control is____
  12. Interaction with other people is____
  13. How often do you lose your temper?
  14. I take pride in my work.
  15. I like to celebrate events and speical occasions with...
  16. How do you do in school? (Academically)
  17. Do people find you unreliable?
  18. How many close friends do you have?
  19. Rate your happiness (1 being the lowest, 10 is the highest)
  20. What sterotype to you belong in?

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Quiz topic: Whats my German Name? (Deluxe Edition: For Boys and Girls)