Hogwarts Love Story pt 16

Ok, I will try to get one more update out before I go back to back to school, but no promises. The next edition will be very short, and will involve none of the boys, so there won't be any results. Please still read though!

Ok, I will try to get one more update out before I go back to back to school, but no promises. The next edition will be very short, and will involve none of the boys, so there won't be any results. Please still read though!

Created by: vulturemonem

  1. Thank you to all who read my last edition, and we have the lead-up to second challenge here, and then there will be a very short one... You'll understand when you get to the end of this edition. Thank you for reading guys!
  2. The second challenge was creeping up on everyone far too quickly, and the tension in the castle was growing. Three days after the Yule Ball, you had come down with a nasty case of the flu, so you'd missed nearly a week of lessons. Hermione had, thankfully, taken the liberty of bringing you homework and essays. You had been let out of the hospital four days ago, and you were beginning to wish you hadn't. Draco was driving you up the wall, and Hermione talked of nothing but the egg, and what it could mean. Not to get the wrong idea, you wanted Harry to work it out, but unlike Hermione, you couldn't work until midnight trying to work it out. "I'm sorry guys," you said, "I'm going to bed now. I can't do this." "Sure ___, no problem," Harry said, yawning. Ron was already snoring on the sofa, and Hermione was still pouring over books, but she looked up when you spoke. "Don't you want to help?" she asked, and edge to her voice. "Yes! But unlike you, I can't work this late and keep awake," you replied, surprised by her tone of voice. "Well fine, let your best friend fail," she snapped, sparking your easy temper. "What the hell Hermione? I'm working just as hard as you are, but I can't commit every waking hour to this!" you snapped back, fuming. "Can't you now? Well I seem to remember that you like sneaking out to the kitchens to see Dobby in the middle of the night!" she crowed. "Only if I can't sleep!" you said, raising your voice a little. "Hey hey guys," Harry said, flapping his arms, "No big deal. Go to bed." Breathing heavily, you stalked upstairs, flopping heavily down on your bed. You soon fell into a restless sleep, filled with the same menacing cackles that you had dreamt of for the last few nights. Once again, you remembered nothing by the time you awoke.
  3. You woke up late the next morning, and had to rush to get to breakfast before your classes started. You made a mental note to ask Hermione why the hell she hadn't woken you up when she left. You ran down the stairs two at a time, and tried not to smash into people too often, but ended up bruising several people. You sat down at the nearly empty table, and stuffed down two pieces of toast in under five minutes, then glugged orange juice down your throat, not bothering with anything fancy. You picked up your bags, and noted that you were, miraculously, on time. You walked quickly to your next class. Potions. Damn. You plonked your bags down by Pansy, who had become your permanent partner, which you were happier with than when you were with Draco. After class, Draco approached you, and you tried to ignore him. "____, I just wondered if you'd changed your mind?" he asked hopefully, "You know, I know things, have contacts," he continued, but he may as well have been talking to a brick wall for the response he gained from you. You answer him in your head with your usual 'death-eater dad' remark. You saw that he looked hurt, so you stopped, looking at him sorrowfully. "I'm sorry Draco, but pestering me is just annoying," you said, "I don't want to ignore you," you added, your tone softer. "I'm sorry ___, but you can't blame me for hoping." You frowned. "Can't you tell me what's so terrible?" you asked. He shook his head apologetically, and bid you goodbye. You waved to him, and headed to your next class, arithmacy. You sat down by Hermione, who looked at you warily. "I'm sorry about last night," she said, sincerely. "No problem Hermione. I think you need a little more sleep yourself," you replied. She grinned at you, and you took careful note of the black bags under her eyes.
  4. The next day, Saturday morning, Sepia stood at the window of your common room. Carefully, you opened it and detached the neatly rolled parchment from her leg. You unrolled it, and scanned over the neat, curly script. Cedric wanted you to meet him at Honeydukes that afternoon. You ate lunch quickly with Fleur, then rushed back to your dormitory. You grabbed a sweatshirt and your bag, then you ran down the stairs two at a time. Filch was still ticking off people from the register, so you gave your name breathlessly and sprinted down to Honeydukes. It was snowing heavily, and already a fine layer of fluffy white snow covered the ground. You smashed into someone, and you apologised, helping them up quickly. The witch brushed herself down and gave you an indignant look, which you ignored, already off again. You spotted Cedric standing on the porch of the sweet shop, looking over other's heads, searching for you. "Cedric!" you hollered over the fierce wind. His head snapped towards you, nd his face broke into a grin. "Hey ___," he said, approaching you, "Walk with me?" he asked, offering you his hand. You smiled at him, and the two of you walked around Hogsmead, chatting about this that and the other. Somehow, the topic got onto that of the tornament, after you telling Cedric of Draco's prepositions. "Sorry," you said quickly, seeing Cedric's expression. "No, no. It's just... I figured out the egg yesterday," Cedric said, taking a deep breath. "That's great! Fleur said she had it too," you said, smiling warmly. "See, I know we're not supposed to tell the other champions anything, but I owe Harry one for tipping me off about the dragon. Would you mind telling him to take a bath, and to bring his egg?" "Um, sure, I guess. Harry's not too keen on riddles though," you joked. "Good luck to him then, because that's exactly what it is, a great big riddle. See, that's where Harry's at a disadvantage, he hasn't learnt the stuff about the riddle yet," Cedric said. "I think his disadvantages go a little behond his knowledge," you replied. "Yeah, I reckon so," he agreed, "I guess we should be heading back." You nodded your agreement, and wrapped your arms around yourself against the biting, icy wind. Cedric wrapped his arm round your shoulders, and you revelled in his warmth.
  5. "How d'you keep so warm?" you asked, your teeth chattering. "Dunno. I just do," he laughed, rubbing up and down the length of your arm. You leant into him, and ceased shivering as his warm body wrapped around yours, engulfing you in heat. You reached the castle, and gave Filch your names again, signing back in. Cedric hurried you inside, and the feeling began to return to your fingers. "Tell him for me." "Of course. And thank you!" you called. "You're welcome," he said. He walked back towards you in two long strides, and pressed his warm lips to your icy ones. He touched the necklace he gave you at Christmas that sat below your neck, a couple of inches below the butterfly part of your collar bone. "You wore it," he murmured. "Of course," you replied. He looked up at you, smiling, and bid you goodbye.
  6. Harry, Ron and Hermione sat in the common room, all three pouring over books. You walked up to them and sat down in your favourite armchair. The stuffing was falling out at the stitching on each side, and I moulded to the shape of whatever or whoever sat on it. "Harry? Cedric says take a bath with your egg. He's solved it, and it's a riddle. We'll help you with the riddle," you said, smiling. Harry looked up at you, surprised. "He didn't have to tell me that, but it seems helpful," he stated, confused. "He wanted to repay you for the dragons," you explained. Harry nodded, and grabbed his egg. "Where're you going mate?" Ron asked. "The competition is in a day, there's no time to lose," Harry replied. Without another word, the three of you watched as he stepped out of the common room, egg in one hand, towel in the other. Hermione grinned at you, and Ron looked bemused, his face in a strange half-smile, with his mouth hanging slightly open. "Ron?" Hermione said. "Fish-head?" you suggested, poking his jaw. Hermione muffled her giggles, and Ron jumped. "Hey!" he cried. You impersonated his face, and Hermione guffawed. Ron rolled his eyes, but he laughed a little too. As you waited for Harry, you watched the clock carefully, trying to work out what Cedric had meant. "He has to dunk it in the water," Hermione said suddenly. "Oh. Yeah, that makes sense," you said. Ron nodded.
  7. An hour or so later, Harry returned, his hair still damp, and looking even more messy than usual. "That was weird," he said, "And I don't get it." "What happened?" Hermione asked anxiously. "I opened it underwater, and it was like a woman singing," he said, his brow furrowing. "What did she say?" you prompted, and Ron rolled his eyes at Harry's slowness. "Come seek us where our voices sound, we cannot sing above the ground, an hour long you'll have to look, to recover what we took," Harry quoted. "Library," you and Hermione said together. The four of you raced along the corridors, into the library. You pulled out book after book, then poured over them. It was half past eleven pm when Ron dosed off. "What did it say again?" you asked, prodding Ron as you did so. He awoke with a start and pointed his wand at you. He blushed. "The hour long bit." "An hour long you'll have to look to recover what we took," Harry repeated. "Got it!" Hermione crowed. "What?" the three of you shouted together. "The Black Lake, in the Black Lake there are-" she began, but you got it just as she did. "Mer people," you whispered, "So Hermione, the mer people are going to take something from them, hide it in the Black Lake, then they have an hour to get it back?" you asked, astounded. "I think so," she said, running her finger over the lines of the book open in front of her. "When was the last time you held your breath underwater for an hour?" Harry inquired, his voice ringing with sarcasm. Hermione blushed, and you glared at him. "Nobody said it was going to be easy," you said, stressing the last word. "Great, let's turn me into a giant fish," Harry said, rolling his eyes. "Well there's the bubblehead charm, but I don't know how to do that, and we haven't got long enough to learn," Hermione said, glancing at her watch. "Great," Harry said sarcastically. "Hey!" you said, glaring at him again, "Your fault for waiting this long to figure it out!" you said. Harry grimaced. "Sorry Hermione," he said. She waved him off with her left hand, and grabbed another ten books from the shelf.
  8. Half an hour later, your eyes itched from staring at pages for so long, and the library was practically empty. Both Ron and Harry had nodded off, and yourself and Hermione had given up trying to wake them. Nobody had yet interrupted you in your secluded area of the library, and you were hoping they didn't. If a Durmstrang stumbled across you, Harry would be accused of cheating, although in your opinion, the rules were void as far as Harry was concerned. He was fourteen for crying out loud! Only a coward would put his name in the Giblet of Fire. You shivered as you remembered Dumbledore choosing the champions, and calling out Harry's name... "Hey guys," said an easily recognisable voice. "Hey Neville," you yawned, looking up from the book and running your eyes. "Can I help? What're you looking for?" he asked. "How to hold your breath underwater for an hour," Harry said, "The second challenge is in a few hours." "Oh I know it is. What about the bubblehead charm?" Neville suggested what Hermione had. "Not enough time to learn," Hermione said, still pouring over the book. "Well I guess you could always use gillyweed," Neville said. Every head snapped to his. "What the hell is that?" Ron asked. "It's gillyweed. I know it gives you gills, and I think it enhances your swimming ability too, I'm not entirely sure about the rest. But it definitely helps you breath underwater," he said confidently. You exchanged a glance with Harry, who shrugged. "Can we get our hands on some by tomorrow?" Harry asked. "Sure, I'll ask Proffessor Sprout. Consider it done," he said happily. "Thanks Neville," Harry said. You flung you arms around him ecstatically. "Neville you are great. Thank you so much." Neville blushed at your words, and patted your back awkwardly. You smiled at him and stepped back.
  9. "Sorry to break up the party," said a hard, gruff voice, "But Proffessor McGonnagle would like to see you in her office." You heard the whizz of a mechanical eye, and spun round to stare directly at Proffessor Moody. "Sir, the next challenge is only a few hours away, and Harry-" Hermione began, but Moody cut her off rudely. "And I'm sure Mr.Potter has plenty of preparing to do. Not you Potter, or you Longbottom, just you three," Moody said, pointing a scared, gnarled finger at yourself, then Ron, then Hermione. Harry watched him warily, and Neville scooted back a little. "Now!" he shouted. You flinched at his loud voice. "See ya Neville. Bye Harry, good luck," you said, placing a kiss on his cheek. He flushed crimson and smiled sheepishly. You followed after Ron and Hermione, all three of you stepping widely around Moody. "Nutter," Ron muttered when you were safe,y out of the library. "Agreed," you said, nodding. "This had better be good," Hermione said, huffing. You rapped loudly on McGonnagle's door, and heard the familiar 'come in' so you pushed open the heavy wooden door carefully. "Take a seat by Miss Delacour," McGinnagle said. It was then that you spotted Fleur's little sister sitting on a bench before her, wringing her hands together nervously. You sat down by her, and smiled reassuringly. Although you yourself were a little too nervous to help much. You saw Ludo Bagman and Dumbledore standing behind McGonnagle. Snape stood by Dumbledore's side, shooting Bagman evil looks. His eyes rested in you, and his lips curled into a sneer. You were tempted to glare at him, but decided this wasn't the best time to pick a fight with a Proffessor. "Bagman," McGonnagle prompted.
  10. "Ok, for challenge number two, our champions have retrieve something, or rather someone, from the bottom of the Black Lake. And um," Bagman began, but Snape interrupted him rudely. "What Bagman means to say, is that they will be rescuing you," he said, sneering again. You looked to Gabriella next to you. It seemed evil to use such a young girl for something so dangerous. You guessed Fleur would be rescuing her, Krum Hermione, and you assumed Harry Ron. You breathed a little easier when you realised that Cedric would be rescuing you. You had faith in him. "Don't worry, you will be in a deep sleep throughout the hour, and should a champion fail to save you, you won't reside at the bottom of the Balck Lake forever more," Dumbledore said, his eyes shining, but his face deadly serious. "Exactly!" Bagman said, still grinning. For once, you agreed with Snape, who was eyeing Bagman with intense dislike. "Each of you has a special meaning to our champions. Little Gabriella here is, of course Fleur's sister, and Miss Granger and Miss Rivers were the dates of Victor and Cedric. And of course Mr Weasley is the best friend of young Harry," Bagman said, smiling broadly to your distaste. "Proffessor Snape has concocted a potion that will put you under for the duration of the challenge. You will awake as soon as you surface again tomorrow. Or later today, should I say," McGonnagle said, glancing at the clock behind you. " "Any questions?" Bagman asked. Nobody spoke, so Dumbledore took charge once again. "Severus, if you will," he said quietly. Snape walked towards you and handed each of you a glass of potion. It was an ungainly brown in colour, and smelt revolting. "Drink," Snape instructed. You gave him a glare, as you would be unconscious in a second, and then tipped it down your throat. You tried not to taste a drop, but you tasted a little as it ran down your throat. You coughed a little at the taste.
  11. Next to you, you saw Gabriella sway slightly. Her eyes glazed over, and she fell sideways. Just before she hit the floor, you grabbed her waist. Dumbledore took her gently from your arms and smiled, his eyes boring into yours. Yu got the uncomfortable feeling of being x-rayed. You turned to Ron and Hermione, but found your vision was blurring slightly. Hermione was out cold, much like Gabriella, and Ron was swaying. Before you knew it, you were the only person awake. You didn't feel drowsy at all, and you glanced up at the professors before you, who were all watching you expectantly. Suddenly, you felt yourself sway to the left, and then tension left everyone's faces. You yawned silently, and shifted in your seat. You swayed the other way, and you fell sideways. Your body stopped fighting the potion, and you fell into a deep sleep. McGonnagle caught you before your unconscious body hit the floor, and then the professors began moving you carefully to the Black Lake. They loaded your bodies gently into boats, and rode out to where the viewing stands were. A merman rose to the surface, and then another three. After a minute of discussion with Dumbledore, they took you down below the surface. They tied you to a wooden pole with pond weed, and circled around you, making sure the rules were kept to. Patiently, they waited for the distinctive sound of the horn that would sound the beginning of the challenge.

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