How well do you know Casualty

Lots of people say they are superfans but not everyone can be. This quiz will separate the superfans from the people who think they are superfans of casualty.

Are you a superfan? Find out if you are by taking this quiz. The questions are from different series' and are about different characters and there is no cheating!

Created by: anon98
  1. What hospital is Casualty set in?
  2. Who did Kelly Harrison play?
  3. Who is Megan's granddad?
  4. Who played Cyd?
  5. Who was arrested while in recuss?
  6. Who leaked a diary, belonging to a junior doctor who had tried to commit suicide, to the press?
  7. Who was the junior doctor who tried to commit suicide?
  8. Which two are not related?
  9. Who's daughter was brought into Hospital following a building collapse?
  10. Who is Jamie's sister?
  11. Who is Harry with when Beth dies?
  12. Who was taken to Saudi Arabia by their dad?
  13. Who was hailed a hero for saving a baby but died in hospital themself?
  14. Who wasn't in the car that was driven by a member of the Guilford family into the water?
  15. Which junior doctor did not make it past her first day?
  16. What is Mads real name?
  17. How old was Kirsty when she had Nita?
  18. Who does May operate on?
  19. Who is invited to a wedding by a patient only to have to resucitate the patient at the wedding?
  20. It is mentioned that the hospital has failed this person twice. Once when they attempt suicide and also when they are sectioned. Who is it?

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