Only the true harry potter fan will get 100%

Harry Potter superfan are you? Are you sure? Im not entirely convinced. If you score 100% in this subtle test then i will be extremely surprised!!!!!!

Do you still think you could achieve 100%? Do you have what it takes to pass highly enough to be recognised as a superfan? Have you read all the books? Have you watched all 8 movies? Take the test!

Created by: Bunnies

  1. What is Harry's middle name?
  2. What is Fleurs surname?
  3. What are Harry Hermione and Ron's patronuses?
  4. Hermiones middle name?
  5. Dumbledores brother and sisters names?
  6. What is Voldemorts real name?
  7. Where did snape live
  8. Name the weasleys
  9. In Prisoner of Azkaban, who does Hermione slap?
  10. Who is the teacher from hell?
  11. Why does snape hate Neville?
  12. LAST QUESTION! Name the marauders!

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