Is He Into You? (girls only)

Has that guy been spending more time on your mind than usual? Wondering if he feels the same about you? Yes, boys can be hella confusing, but girls, here's the cure.

Is that guy feeling you like you're feeling him? Or is it just another one of those boy illusions? Find out what's really going on. *In some cases, this might not be accurate. If this ever happens, tell me about it. Cause I'm a girl and I still don't completely understand boys. hehh.

Created by: emelissa
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  1. Has he ever talked to you?
  2. Does it ever feel like he's watching you?
  3. Have you ever had physical contact with him?
  4. When he sees you in the hall while he's with his buddies he....
  5. Does it sometimes seem that he treats you different from other girls? (a bit more polite, or a bit more try-funny/loud, or a bit nervous or quiet... etc.)
  6. When he sees you talking with a 'possibly flirting' guy he...
  7. In class, When you talk to him (If you talk to him)in a group, he....
  8. When someone says "OoOo, (yournamehere) and (hisnamehere)!" or something like that, he...
  9. Has he ever offered to do you a favour (carry books...etc.)?
  10. When you talk with him, who usually starts the conversations?
  11. Does it seem like all of the sudden you're seeing him around you more often?
  12. How do his friends react when they're in a group with him and you pass by?
  13. Has anyone ever mistook you two as a couple, or suggested it?
  14. Does he ever remember little things that you say or do and bring them into conversations.

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