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  • Is He Into You? (girls only)
    Your Result: Slightly crushing on you 77%

    There's a big chance that he's crushing on you, but he might still be too shy to show it as much as he should. Help him open up to you by letting him know you're up for a relationship. **GIRLS, do this slightly by flirting with him more, not directly by telling him right away.!

    76% Some Possibilities
    62% Just 'close' Friends
    58% He likes you MUUUCH !
    51% He's WAY into you !
    36% Need more time
    22% don't see much of a chance .
    Cool Questions and Awesome Quiz;)

  • I got the one where he slightly likes me, and I think you are right, and I should probably flirt it up with him sometime, I think I got a chance when we go on an overnight fieldtrip next week and I'm at the pool, I could make him a little jealous by telling him a guy friend of mine inivited me to join their dodgeball team.

  • i took this quiz because me and my crush were kinda flirting with each other so i took ur advice and started opening up more and now i took it again and i got we should be more than just friends and now were boyfriend and girlfriend! he even told me he was to shy before to open up! IM REALLY EXCITED!!(its my 2nd realationship)!!!

  • Your Result: Slightly crushing on you.

    Wow! Your quiz almost matched the way my crush acts (note that I said almost) Most my friends think he's crushing and It's probbally 'cause he's shy. Great Quiz by the way. : D

  • Oops! Actually 88%! Yay!

  • I hope he acts that way! *blushes*

  • 80% he likes you MUUUCH!!!!! Yayyyy! Thanks for the great quiz! This just made my day:) OBVIOUSLY rating top star!

    • So, this guy lives in my neighborhood and were buddies but sometimes I feel like at school when he's with his friends he pays like no attention to me whatsoever. But when it's just us two he couldn't be friendlier! what do I do? He usually comes yo my house and occasionally he'll smile at me for no reason but he's one of the most popular guys in my grade and I don't think I have a chance with him. :( PPLUSSSS he likes another girl! all my friends say he likes me and his friends all say the same ( I don't ask they just start talking) what do I do?

  • Result:he like se you muuch 82%
    OMG thanks to this were dating

    Rented rents 49

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