what movie is perfect for you?!

so your having a sleepover, or your just in the mood for snuggling up in a blanket and eating popcorn, right? the problem is, what dvd should you buy or rent. have you got bored of the ones you already have?

now, by taking this quiz, i will recommend a dvd, that suits your personality, a dvd that theres ninety nine percent chance of you liking. all you have to do is answer twelve questions to have a fantastic evening.

Created by: lisa
  1. what sort of films do you like?
  2. which movie moment do you like best out of these?
  3. which one of these would you call romantic?
  4. whats the most important thing in a guy?
  5. whats your favourite animal out of these?
  6. what do you do when you watch a movie?
  7. whats your style?
  8. whats your dream scene?
  9. are you modern?
  10. i know you've already had this question, but this is slightly different, how old are you?

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