How Well Do You Know Kung Pow?

Many people watch movies...and probably have see this one, but how well do you know it that is the question? This movie is based off of an old action movie and in my oppinion is true genius!!!

Do you know kung pow well do this quiz to find out! It is really simple if you watched the movie, but you needed to pay attention! Like do u rember how the dog died, or the significance well find out!!

Created by: Emma

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  1. What does master pain use to light the fire??
  2. So cute...
  3. Who raised the Chosen One
  4. What part of the Chosen Ones body do the zoom in on at the first big fight sceen
  5. What do Wimplows shoes do?
  6. How do the people in the training place greet each other
  7. How does ling show she isnt shy
  8. Wowo
  9. He is an outsider, have you ever seen him before
  10. Who is moon you
  11. Who is wooo
  12. Swinging the
  13. The producer of Kung Pow also produced...
  14. Red clothes
  15. What falls down the water fall

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Kung Pow?