What Kind of Kung Fu Warrior Are You?

There are many kung fu warriors in the world, but few are worth anything in representing their art. Some dont even do kung fu, but other measely arts like kickboxing, wrastlin', MMA, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, American Kempo, Krav Maga. A true warrior is someone who practices an art that's worth something and a challenge to obtain the skills necessary to be good.

Are YOU one of these great types of Kung Fu warriors? Do you have the skill and the knowledge and the spirit to be in one of these categories, or will you be a practicioner of another weak art and be deemed useless? Find out by taking this quiz.

Created by: Alex Wiggins
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  1. When in a fight, what type of attacks do you usually use?
  2. If put in a situation fighting multiple people, what would be your strategy?
  3. What Animal Style would you most likely choose?
  4. Out of these flashy techniques, which is your favorite?
  5. Passing down a road, you see a man getting beat up by many thugs. What is your response?
  6. Your favorite place to practice is??
  7. Your Element would be?
  8. When do you think is the most appropriate time to use your martial skill?
  9. Who is your Martial Arts Idol?
  10. Which of these weapon types do you prefer as a martial artist?

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Kung Fu Warrior am I?