How well do you know Repo! The Genetic Opera

Repo! The Genetic Opera is a movie about an epidemic of organ failures. It is a great movie and I want to know how many people know it as well as I do. My friend made me watch this movie and I immediately fell in love with it. It has an awesome soundtrack and great characters. Repo is a complex thing so lets see how obsessive you are about Repo. You saw the movie, lets see how well you payed attention.

So how well do you know Repo? Are you like me and my friend and know all the lyrics and just about every other detail? Or do you just know the main parts of it? Its time for you to find out.

Created by: Jessica
  1. Who owns Geneco?
  2. What is Zydrate?
  3. Rotti Largo has three children, Pavi, Luigi, and who else?
  4. Who is addicted to the knife(Zydrate)
  5. What year does this movie take place?
  6. What is this line from? "Mag's contract comes in some mighty fine print"
  7. Who collects the Zydrate?
  8. Who sings the song Infected?
  9. What is this movie Rated?
  10. What happens if you miss an organ payment?
  11. "He stands at_____head and sholders" fill in the blank
  12. One of the writers is in the movie, what is his characters name?
  13. What is graverobbers real name? (In the movie, not the actors name)
  14. Who directs this movie?
  15. Who plays Amber Sweet?
  16. Who in this movie is dead, throughout the whole thing?
  17. Who in this movie has a disease?
  18. What song do they repeat the word "Testify," over and over?
  19. The director also directed what?
  20. Who sings "Legal Assassin?"
  21. How old is Shilo?
  22. What is NOT a song in Repo?
  23. Who is one of the writers
  24. What type of disease does Shilo have?
  25. Ok last question, I know its been long but I need proof that you really know Repo, so this is a hard on. What was Amber Sweets name originally going to be?

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