The Evolution Quiz

Biological evolution is the process of change over time in the heritable characteristics, or traits, of a population of organisms. Heritable traits are encoded by the genetic material of an organism (usually DNA

Differential survival and reproduction among members of a population or species in nature, due to variation in the possession of adaptive genetic traits. Natural selection, the major driving force of evolution, is a process leading to greater adaptation of organisms to their environment

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  1. True or False: Humans evolved from monkeys.
  2. What are the 3 types of natural selection?
  3. What is evolution?
  4. True or false: All mutations are disadvantagious.
  5. True or false: Fossils and comparative anatomy are the only important evidences of evolution.
  6. True or false: Charles Darwin invented evolution.
  7. true or false: The four points in Darwins Theory of evolution(in order) are 1)each species have more offspring than can survive 2) natural selection 3) individuals amongst species have variation and 4) variation is passed to offspring
  8. Why are fossils not a complete record of evolution?
  9. True or flase: we all have a common ancestor.
  10. True or False: Only scientist believe in Evolution.

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