What Eevee Evolution Are You?

Eevee is an amazing pokemon. It can evolve into eight different forms. Each is different in it's own way. Some can melt into water, others can hide in shadows and even predict the weather. These pokemon with amazing abilities are great for any pokemon trainer! With all their unique abilities, there's one for everyone!

But the question is, which one are you? What Eevee evolution does you're personality reflect. If you've always wanted to know, take this quiz. Just take it and soon you will find out which Eevee you are!

Created by: Elana of GX Genesis
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  1. What is your favourite colour from the ones below?
  2. What is your favourite snack?
  3. What is your favourite drink/liquid?
  4. Which weather do you prefer?
  5. What ability would you rather have?
  6. Which of these words most describes your personality?
  7. What would you like most?
  8. Which one of these words appeals to you the most?
  9. Which of these abilities sounds the coolest to you?
  10. And finally, did you enjoy my quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Eevee Evolution am I?