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Since, 1) I will be teaching intro. to physical anthropology in the fall, and 2) I found out "they" are attempting to open a creationist museum on the border on Ohio and Kentucky, I figured I would just see for myself were Americans stand on the idea of evolution. 3 out of 9 congressmen polled about whether they believed in "evolution" or not stated that they didn't. That to me is scary.

Please indicate whether each following statement is true or false, in terms of how you think biologists use and understand the term "evolution" today. YOU do NOT necessarily have to AGREE with the statement for it to be "true" as you think biologists see it. The purpose of this is to determine the collective level of understanding on this topic. In every case below, "evolution" means "biological evolution".

Created by: Sam
  1. The evolution of major groups of animals and plants is an observed fact.
  2. Evolution is something you should either believe in, or not believe in.
  3. Evolution is a process which involved the origin of life.
  4. Evolution is primarily concerned with the origin of humans.
  5. According to evolution, people came from monkeys a long time ago.
  6. Evolution was first proposed and explained by Charles Darwin.
  7. Evolution is also known as "Natural Selection."
  8. Evolution is something which happened only in the past; it is not happening now.
  9. Evolution is something which happens to individual organisms.
  10. Evolution is a totally random process, a series of "accidents."
  11. Evolution was developed in order to destroy or undermine religion.
  12. In order to accept evolution as a valid explanation, you cannot believe in God.
  13. Evolution can be compatible with all the world's major religions.
  14. Evolution increases structure and order, but that goes against Newton's second law of thermodynamics.
  15. "Evolution is only a theory."
  16. There is actually very little evidence for evolution.
  17. One indication that evolution has not occurred is the total absence of "transitional (intermediate) fossils."
  18. Fossils reveal many problems which evolution cannot explain.
  19. Biological, medical and agricultural research is increasingly based on the assumption that evolution occurs.
  20. Evolution has been tested and challenged many times, but has always been supported by the results.
  21. Dinosaurs lived during the time of early humans.
  22. Evolution involves individuals changing in order to adapt to their environment.
  23. There is considerable observed evidence against evolution.
  24. Science can productively study the past, based on evidence, so evolution is a proper subject for science.
  25. The formation of complex structures, like the eye, can be readily explained by evolution.

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