Bible general knowledge quiz

This quiz is about the patriarchs, the early pioneers of the bible: Brave men and women who fought against all odds to establish a new world view and so became the father's of all the monotheistic faiths.

If you do well in this, you could be regarded as a "Genesis Genius" - else you will be regarded as "Genetic garbage" (to quote a line from a movie). Then again you could just do "Generally well".

Created by: Peter Eleazar

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  1. How many of each type of clean animal went into Noah's ark?
  2. How did Abraham's servant know that Rebekkah was the right girl for Isaac?
  3. What proof did Noah have that the earth was drying up after the flood?
  4. Esau lost his birthright, because ....
  5. How did Jacob break the yoke of Laban?
  6. What did Abraham do when God covenanted with him?
  7. How did Joseph get to interpret Pharaoh's dreams?
  8. How did lot and his family survive after the fall of Sodom?
  9. Who did Jacob bless
  10. Where was Joseph buried?
  11. Who did Abraham take to Moriah?

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