Which RENT character are you?

RENT has been a very popular musical both on Broadway and on Motion Picture. What is RENT? RENT is a screenplay written by Jonathan Larson who passed away because he had AIDS. The characters in this musical are inspiring and very lovable.

Which RENT character are you? Are you one of the lovable characters from this extraordinary musical/motion picture? Until now you could only wonder. You will soon find out, after you take this great quiz!

Created by: Amelia
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  1. Which song would you rather be singing?
  2. Which occupation (job) would you prefer?
  3. What line would you want to say?
  4. You'd rather be...
  5. You would set the rent on your friends, even though it was Christmas Eve.
  6. You like the word "Pookie".
  7. You like to...
  8. Ok...final question...what song sounds the most interesting to sing?
  9. Just kidding!!! Was Shia LaBeouf and Emma Watson in the cast of RENT?
  10. Who would you most likely want to be?
  11. Final question...Have you seen the musical/movie RENT?

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Quiz topic: Which RENT character am I?