Are You a National Socialist

there are many unique ppl in the world and many who would like it to be a better place if you're a National Socialist you are one of the and congrats!

National Socialist are a ppl of blood and honour and are very proud of their heritage so if you think you apply put on your boots and braces and hold you head up high!

Created by: Twitch
  1. What is your race?
  2. you have seen the movie "Romper Stomper"
  3. you liked "Romper Stomper"
  4. you know who the band Skrewdriver is
  5. you listen to the afore mentioned band regulary
  6. you're proud of your race
  7. you have read mein kampf and liked it
  8. you like swastikas, celtic crosses and the number 88
  9. you feal alone and sort of like a rebel and like rebel flags and death heads
  10. you hate other races

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Quiz topic: Am I a National Socialist