National Treasure Character Quiz

Are you a National Treasure fan? Ever related yourself to a character from the movie? This quiz will let you know who you are most like from the movie.

Are you Ben, Abigail, or Riley? Are you a history maniac, a computer nerd, who do you relate to most from the movie? Who could you be? Take the quiz and find out?

Created by: Meredith
  1. Your idea of having fun is...
  2. Where do you see yourself in 15 years?
  3. You know which President was in office from 1765 รข?? 1765.
  4. Your ultimate goal in life?
  5. Would you steal the Declaration of Independence?
  6. Which best describes your best friend?
  7. Your Talents include...
  8. In your opinion what is your best asset?
  9. Something you take a lot of pride in...
  10. Your favorite place to be is...

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