Derbyshire Geocachers

This is a quiz about a sport called "Geocaching". It's a sport that combines "treasure hunting" with walking. The treasures are found using handheld GPS (sat-nav) equipment. The "treasures" are low value $ store items, and are not difficult to find. It's a great family sport. If you're going for a walk anyway, you might as well find some treasure at the end?

You can find out how to visit many interesting places close to you, that you never knew existed. Most treasure hides (called "caches") are placed in places that folks want you to visit, because there's something nice to see there. Hope you fare well in the quiz, thanks for taking part.

Created by: uk89camaro of Derbyshirecachers
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  1. Which US president removed selective availabilty from the available satellite system.
  2. In what state was the first "stash" placed.
  3. What was the date of the first cache placement.
  4. Who placed the first cache on that date
  5. How many caches were available worldwide as of 2nd September 2000
  6. According to approximately how many rated caches are in the UK, April 2008.
  7. What is the UK county or area with the most caches.
  8. Approximately, how many caches does Derbyshire hold
  9. How many caches are available within 200 miles of the Green Dragon at Willington, Derbyshire.
  10. Who created the first web site for the sport

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