This quiz is designed to test you over 21 questions to see if you're ready for Northrup's CP 101 2006 exam at Samford University! If at first you don't succede, try, try again... You might want to take a different perspective on the actual exam though...

Try not to use your notes and handouts - at least on the first try. If you don't do well the first time through though, try looking up the answers to all the questions the second time you take the quiz!

Created by: Thomas Archer

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  1. Who wrote "In Praise of Folly"?
  2. What was Rabelais's magnum opus?
  3. What work does the following line come from? "It's good to be true to your word, but you should lie whenever it advances your power or security - not only that, it's necessary."
  4. According to St. Thomas Aquinas, there is/are:
  5. Someone gifted in many different areas is known as:
  6. Who was a "Dumb Ox"?
  7. Which of the following means "universal"?
  8. Who of the following was NOT involved in the High Renaissance?
  9. The way a successful politician assess every situation is called:
  10. Prospero asks who to make sure the seas are calm for the return voyage?
  11. In "The Tempest", the three drunk people become distracted by what object(s)?
  12. In "The Tempest", what character was the Duke of Milan twelve years prior to the opening of the story? He also became the Duke of Milan once more at the end.
  13. What are the Valkyries?
  14. "The Lord of the Rings" was based off of whose work?
  15. Who was known as "The Philosopher"?
  16. Paintings on the walls of chapels, churches, and buildings are called:
  17. The phrase "la fortuna e donna" comes from which of the following works:
  18. "The Courtier" is a book about:
  19. Who was the "Father of Humanism"?
  20. The greatest painter in transitional art was:
  21. The Third Republic of Firenze was located in what city?

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