Will you pass your exam?

How will you go in your upcoming exam? Will you be pleased with your results? Find out now! The results contain motivational and helpful commments with tips on how to improve your study progress!

Are you prepared for your exam? Do you study far enough in advance? Do you want to know how you should be studying? Do you want to actually enjoy your subject?

Created by: ange

  1. Do you understand the topic?
  2. How far in advance do you study?
  3. Do you enjoy the topic?
  4. Do you like your teacher?
  5. Do you ask your teacher for help when you are unsure of something or seek clarification?
  6. Do you complete practise questions?
  7. How do you study? (Pick the option that best suits your study habits).
  8. Do you focus in class?
  9. Are you confident in exams?
  10. Do you like exams?
  11. Please read the comment and parting message to find tips specific to improving study effectiveness. Thank you.

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Quiz topic: Will I pass my exam?