Are you ready to take the PTK Exam?

The Cohort 16 members have been religiously attending the PTK Sunday classes. Now that it is over, take this short quiz to see if you have benefitted from the lectures.

This may be a reflection of your preparedness to take the PTK exam. Check if you have studied enough to pass the exam or you might need to do some more reviewing. So, are you ready to take the PTK exam?

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  1. In developing a written classroom test, the teacher's primary goal should be to create a test that:
  2. A group of educators has been asked to create a new district arts curriculum based on new state standards. To ensure development of an effective district curriculum, the educators should adhere to which of the following principles?
  3. Inquiry-based learning (discovery learning) is a particularly appropriate instructional approach for teachers to select when they wish to ensure that students have opportunities to:
  4. An English teacher who is planning a unit on Elizabethan drama is trying to decide whether to spend class time viewing a video on Elizabethan England. The teacher should make the decision based primarily on whether:
  5. A social studies teacher notices several students debating the new school dress code as they enter class. As more students arrive in the classroom, they join in the debate. In recent weeks, the students have been studying individual rights in a democracy
  6. Following a brief class discussion about the new dress code, the teacher suggests that the students hold a debate on the topic. The teacher helps the class generate a list of guidelines that each student should follow during the debate. The purpose of
  7. Students in a high school class will use the Internet to gather information for research reports. The students can best evaluate the accuracy and validity of the information on a Web site by checking:
  8. Historically, a fundamental goal of public schools in the United States has been to:
  9. Ms. Lee, a high school science teacher, is teaching a unit on the structure and functions of the cell as specified in her district's biology curriculum. As she leads a class discussion intended to reinforce content covered during the past week, students
  10. Secondary school teachers can best foster a sense of partnership in the learning process with the parents/guardians/caregivers of all students by:
  11. A high school has used grant funds to install two computers in each classroom. At a faculty meeting, teachers note that some students seem to have far more interest than others in working with the computers. In particular, students who have computers in t
  12. During a health unit, a ninth-grade teacher asks his students to imagine that they have just found out that a friend is selling drugs. He asks the students to suggest possible actions they might take in response (e.g., tell a teacher, talk to the student,
  13. Teachers in a large urban junior high school are meeting to discuss the high drop-out rate in their district and strategies they can use in their classrooms to reduce the likelihood of their students' dropping out of school. These teachers should be a
  14. Of the following, the most significant advantage of using a full-inclusion model to provide special education services to students with disabilities is that this approach:
  15. The teacher is considering how to motivate a student with a history of limited academic success. The student has developed an expectation of failure that makes him reluctant to put effort into his schoolwork. Which two of the following strategies would li
  16. One skill that the class will be learning during the report-writing activity is note taking. When planning the note-taking component, the teacher should be aware that, in terms of cognitive development, students of this age typically find it most difficul
  17. Use the excerpt below from a first-grade science lesson to answer the three questions that follow. Ms. Lamont's first-grade class is just beginning a life science unit. In an introductory lesson on the functions of skin, Ms. Lamont talks to her studen
  18. Ms. Lamont's instructional strategy is an especially good one for young children because of its:
  19. Ms. Lamont's questioning strategy in this lesson serves primarily to:
  20. According to research studies, which of the following home factors is likely to have the greatest effect on an elementary student's perception of his or her own academic competence?
  21. A fourth-grade teacher wants to help her students develop the habit of using self-monitoring to improve their comprehension of content-area readings. Which of the following strategies is likely to be most effective in accomplishing this goal?
  22. A new elementary school teacher has been assigned to teach in a classroom that includes students from many cultural backgrounds. The teacher wants to ensure that the students' learning experiences will be positive and productive. This can best be accompli
  23. Several months into the school year, a second-grade teacher is informed that Carl, a student with a moderate hearing loss, will be joining her class in a week. Carl wears hearing aids, and although his speech sounds unusual, he is able to communicate effe
  24. Ms. Santoro is a preschool teacher whose class includes three and four year olds. In the first week of school, she receives a large number of complaints from children in the reading center that children playing in the block and dress-up areas are too nois
  25. In which of the following situations would it be most important for the faculty at a school to reevaluate the adequacy of its current curriculum?
  26. A teacher's use of which of the following procedures can best help ensure fair and accurate assessment of content-area learning for students for whom English is a second language?
  27. A sixth-grade teacher creates a questionnaire for each student to complete during the first week of school. The following are typical items on the questionnaire. Answerable by Yes, Sometimes & No I like to work by myself. I like to do projec
  28. A third-grade teacher begins a lesson on nutrition by asking the class to help him develop a day's menu for each of two imaginary characters, Pat and Val. Pat, he tells the class, eats a healthful diet every day, while Val eats only foods with little nutr
  29. Students in a fifth-grade classroom will use the Internet to conduct research for a social studies project. How can the teacher most effectively use the features of the Internet and Web browsers to help the students learn how to use the Internet for their
  30. In school districts, the major responsibilities of the district superintendent include: I. implementing policy decisions of the local school board. II. representing faculty in contract negotiations. III. approving and adopting annual district budget
  31. Mr. Anderson, a fifth-grade teacher, learns that his supervisor will be observing him as he presents a lesson to one of his classes. The observation is part of a formative evaluation system used regularly in the school to promote teachers' professional gr
  32. A number of parents and community members have volunteered to help out for several hours a week in an elementary school classroom. Guidelines that the teacher could establish to make the best use of such volunteers include: I. using volunteers primarily
  33. A sixth-grade teacher has concerns about Becky, a student with special needs who has not been making much progress in achieving the goals in her individualized education program (IEP). The teacher has followed the recommendations in Becky's IEP and has be

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