PSYA02 - CH 9: Language

Have you ever wondered if you are going to pass your psychology exam. Well here's a not so good indicator of how you will do... try this out... you have nothing to lose but time

Are you a Psychology genius.... do you wanna pass or get high marks, I just wanna get through this description so i can publish this test... so ya take the quiz

Created by: Danielle
  1. ______ indicate how words can be combined to form phrases and sentences
  2. Which of the following is a characteristic of language development?
  3. What is the behaviourist explanation of language development?
  4. What are some of the language limitations of animals?
  5. Prototype theory is ...
  6. During ___________ reasoning, the ____________ is activated as it involves retrieving and selecting facts from long term-memory
  7. During _____________ reasoning, the _____________ is activated as it involves mathematical and spatial reasoning
  8. What is the role of consciousness in decision making?
  9. the notion that we make choices by maximizing benefits and minimizing costs
  10. In a sentence the ______________ structure is what you are trying to say, while the _______________ structure is what you are actually saying. The ______________ structure can be the same for different sentences
  11. In the brain the ________ hemisphere is responsible for non-language sounds while the _______ hemisphere is responsible for language sounds
  12. Until what age can infants distinguish between all sounds

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