Madi's Study Guide for AP US History 1st Semester Exam

Well I need to study for my Advanced Placement United States History Exam over the first semester, and this is easier to make than a PowerPoint, so here I go!

Advanced Placement History isn't that bad. The exam might be a little hard, but all I have to do is memorize some answers and look over the old essays.

Created by: Madi937

  1. The most significant impact of European/Native interaction was:
  2. All of the following about Pope's rebellion is true except:
  3. All of the following contributed to the emergence of a new interdependent global economic system except:
  4. By the 1's, all the southern colonies
  5. The Dominion of New England
  6. The Salem Witch Trials has its origins in all of the following except:
  7. Englishmen made up about half of the ethnic make-up of the British colonies, what were the next three largest groups?
  8. "A Good example is the best sermon" and "Fish and visitors smell after three days" are examples of the writings of:
  9. According to Jefferson, in a republic, power
  10. France came to the aid of America mainly due to:
  11. The main foreign policy issue for America following the war involved:
  12. When Lord DeLaWarr took control of Jamestown in 1610, he
  13. Patriots responded to Paine's version of an ultra democratic republic in all of the following ways except:
  14. The Federalist papers can be accurately described as
  15. As Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Marshall made rulings that
  16. Identify the statement that is false
  17. The delegates at the Hartford Convention sought amendments for all of the following except
  18. Lewis and Clark demonstrated the viability of
  19. The case of Marbury v Madison involved the uestion of who had the right
  20. The Era of Good Feelings
  21. The proposed American System would create all of the following except
  22. The main strife between the US and Spanish Florida stemmed from
  23. The case for South Carolina nullification drew heavily from
  24. When the Irish flocked to America in the 1840's, they stayed together along large Eastern seaboard cities because they
  25. With the development of the cash-crop agriculture in the west
  26. The underlying basis for modern mass production was
  27. As a result of cotton gin
  28. Abolitionists employed all of the following the tactics to get their message out except
  29. The abolitionists were considered a fringe movement when they became mainstream in the 1830's became:
  30. Oneida, NY; New Harmony, IN; and Shaker Heights, OH were all

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