It's back again... the "No, No, Northrup!" Quiz #2. This should help you study for your CP 101 semester exam. If you fail the quiz the first time, go back and retake it.

If you've been having trouble with CP, keep taking this exam until you make a "100"! Try reading a summary of "The Tempest" or looking up some of the terms from Norse mythology on Google.

Created by: Thomas Archer
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  1. In "The Tempest", what character could not be tamed or educated?
  2. What is the meaning of "pious"?
  3. Which of the following is NOT one of the three elements of the Chilvalric Code?
  4. What is another name for a "plain song"?
  5. Who threw the Medici from power?
  6. Where was Machiavelli exiled to?
  7. What Norse word means "secret"?
  8. Which of the following was about the 3rd Crusade?
  9. What was the ECONOMIC system of the Medieval time period?
  10. Which of the following mean "rebirth"?
  11. The Bifrost Bridge was:
  12. Who is Prospero's offspring?
  13. "Gotterdammerung" is also called:
  14. The phrase "fruit tears" - meaning fruit juice - is an example of what?
  15. "Liege homage" means:
  16. What was the distribution of land in exchange for land, loyalty, and soldiers called?
  17. The term "High Renaissance" describes:
  18. Who wrote "Utopia"?
  19. In "The Tempest", what are Ferdinand and Miranda doing when Prospero holds back the curtain near the end of the story?
  20. The chief god of everyone is known as:
  21. Dr. Faustus sells his soul to who?

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