Bible: Inner Man Semester 1 Final Quiz PART 2

Are you all set and ready to go for your bible inner man final exam? Do you feel like you need some help studying? Need to take a practice quiz? Use this one!!!

Just answer all the multiple choice, matching, and fill in the blank questions and find out if you should study more or take the test with the studying you already had.

Created by: AlexanduhHi
  1. Imprisoned for not yielding to sinning against his master.
  2. God's glory was like a rainbow.
  3. Jesus' eyes were as fire.
  4. Disobeyed God - offered a sacrifice, against God's laws.
  5. Surrendered his own wise speech to God, allowing God to speak through him.
  6. God promised an inheritance.
  7. Daughter was raped.
  8. Mildly rebuked sons for their evil.
  9. Birthright & Blessing
  10. Deceiver
  11. Honest, but not right with God
  12. Outdoors/Hunter
  13. had inheritance, birthright, etc.
  14. Ruddy/Red skin
  15. Had nothing.
  16. Muscular, hairy.
  17. Envious of brother's possessions.
  18. The meaning of _____ is to look down on others scornfully.
  19. One seed that God plants in our lives is _____.
  20. One situation God uses to discipline our lives is _____.
  21. When we are prideful and want control over another person, this is called _____.
  22. We learned three practical lessons about God's plan to use us. One is we are strongest when we are weak and another is _____.
  23. forsake our possessions
  24. compare and contrast ourselves to God
  25. confession to God
  26. cross-bearers
  27. Jesus first
  28. allow God's correction and chastening

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