Acts chapters 13-18

You in fact did finish this quiz. So no matter the grade, you have a good work ethic and that counts. So, con grates. :) KEEP STUDYING YOUR BIBLE!!!

I ran out of things to say so if what to feel smart about yourself I guess you can google it. Good luck! KEEP STUDYING YOUR BIBLE and continue to learn!!!

Created by: Tasha
  1. What did the people in Lystra call barnabas?
  2. What did the people of Lystra call Paul?
  3. What day of the week is the Sabbath?
  4. How many things did the cousin in Antioch ask for the Jews to do?
  5. Of what religion is John Marks dad?
  6. Who chose Barnabas to travel with Paul?
  7. Why did Paul and Barnabas part ways?
  8. Who did Paul see in a vision at night?
  9. Why did Paul cut his hair off at Cenchrea?
  10. What cause the uproar at Thessalonica?
  11. Why did Paul not like John Mark?
  12. What did Timonthy have to do to become a Jew?
  13. What were the Areopagus?
  14. Why was Pauls spirit provoked while in Athens?
  15. What was the purpose of Pauls second missionary journey?
  16. Who cast the spirit out of the possessed girl?
  17. What happen to the prisoners in Philip?
  18. Who accompanied Paul in the first journey?
  19. Who accepted John Mark on the Second journey?
  20. What does the name Elymas mean?

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