Life Science: Semester 2 Finals (Part 4)

The last section of the Final Exam is here! Don't forget to do well. Have fun doing well! Okay so yeah just study with this and do well on your Finals!

This is for Mrs. Greer's Life Science Semester 2 Final Exam only. It may not apply to other schools/books/etc. Have fun studying with this quiz! Good luck!

Created by: AlexanduhHi
  1. What is immunity?
  2. What is cancer?
  3. What is HIV?
  4. What does HIV attack?
  5. What is an infectious disease?
  6. What are the three regions of the brain?
  7. What are the dendrites of a neuron used for?
  8. What are the axons of a neuron used for?
  9. How many axons are in a neuron?
  10. What do the axon tips do to get the neuron across the synapse?
  11. What is similar between taste and smell?
  12. Which is correct order in which light goes through the eye?
  13. What is the main role of puberty in the body?
  14. What is the role of hormones in the body?
  15. What is the master gland that controls all other glands?
  16. How does the digestive system help you maintain homeostasis?
  17. How does the endocrine system help you maintain homeostasis?
  18. How does the immune system help you maintain homeostasis?
  19. *Apparently I'm not supposed to mention smoking, so just do HONESTY QUESTION* HONESTY QUESTION: Do you know what dangers smoking and the other two manipulative substances cause for your body?

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