Chemistry Semester 1 Final Quiz

Are you starting to approach those last few days of the semester which everyone fears: the FINALS? Are you going to have a final in your Chemistry class?

If you said yes to either of those questions, this quiz is for you! Just answer the questions to find out if you know your stuff or if you need to study those topics some more.

Created by: AlexanduhHi

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  1. The percent by mass of each element in a compound.
  2. 0°C and 101.3 kPa or 1 atmosphere.
  3. The lowest whole-number ratio of the atoms of elements in a compound.
  4. The species present in a substance - usually atoms, molecules, or formula units.
  5. 6.02 x 10^23 representative particles of a substance.
  6. The mass of an atom of an element.
  7. The mass of one mole of any element or compound.
  8. 22.4 L of any gas measured at STP
  9. How many Oxygen atoms are in 10 formula units of Al2(SO4)3?
  10. How many molecules are in 4.5 moles of H2O?
  11. How many moles are in 8.5 x 10^25 molecules of CO2?
  12. What is the molar mass of C3H8?
  13. The representative particle for Nitrogen is
  14. What is the molar mass of MgCl2?
  15. How many grams are in 6.5 moles of H2SO4?
  16. Find the number of moles in 3.3g of (NH4)2SO4?
  17. What is the mass of 2.56 x 10^-4 moles of Fe2O3?
  18. At STP, one mole of any gas occupies a volume of...
  19. What is the volume, in Liters, of 3.75 moles of O2 gas at STP?
  20. Determine the number of moles in 625 L of H2 gas at STP.
  21. How many atoms are contained in 12.5 grams of silver?
  22. Which of the following compounds has the highest percent of iron by mass?
  23. What is the total number of orbitals in the third principal energy level?
  24. What is the maximum number of electrons allowed in the third energy level?
  25. What is the maximum number of electrons that can occupy one orbital?
  26. The electron configuration for Fluorine is
  27. The first three electrons that enter into p orbitals must have
  28. The atom whose electron configuration is 1s^2 2s^2 2p^6 3s^2 3p^1 is
  29. The configuration for the outermost energy level in Ca is
  30. The element having the same s and p configurations for the principal energy level 3 as the element F has for its principal energy level 2 is...
  31. Among the following groups of atoms, which have the same outer energy level configurations?
  32. The elements in Groups 1A through 7A are
  33. What is the number of electrons in the highest occupied energy level of an element in Group 5A?
  34. The electron configuration of the element Chlorine ends in
  35. An atom of Hydrogen-2 contains
  36. Isotopes of the same element have
  37. Which symbol correctly represents an element (D) whose atoms contain 15 protons and 20 neutrons? (HINT: the left number is on the top and the right number is on the bottom)
  38. The sum of the protons and neutrons in an atom equals the
  39. All atoms of the same element have the same...
  40. An atom of an element with atomic number 48 and mass number 120 contains
  41. The number 80 in the name Bromine-80 represents...
  42. Which of the following is a nonmetal?
  43. Which of the following is an anion?
  44. The nonmetals in Groups 5A, 6A, and 7A:
  45. Among the following, which atom is most likely to form an ion with a charge of 2+?
  46. The correct name for the ion Fe^2+ is:
  47. Among these element groups, which is least likely to form ions?
  48. The sulfate ion is written in which of the following ways?

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