Can you be a medicine cat

I know you're smart but do you have what it takes to be your clans medicine cat if you think you do take this quiz and love it you need to know most of the herbs so if you don't you can test yourself or you can study then come back!👍

I hope you do know the herbs cause if not ( no offence ) but you could fail if you don't know the herbs ( again ) try and study them you have to love what you do.👍

Created by: Savannah

  1. What herb can help heal greencough?
  2. How did Spottedleaf die?
  3. How can you heal broken bones
  4. What helps heal pain
  5. Who killed Brokentail and with what
  6. Who did Cinderpelt and Spottedleaf like
  7. When do medicine cats go to the moonstone or moonpool
  8. How did Firestar die :,(
  9. Who killed Tigerstar
  10. This is the final question how do you like this quiz? ( this has nothing to do with being a medicine cat but I want to know )

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Quiz topic: Can I be a medicine cat