The Harry Potter quiz

this your fifth year at Hogwarts and its O.W.L. time. get ready for your history of magic exam. I hope you do very well in your exam everyone in the rest of the school wishes you a huge good luck.

would you like to be the top of your year in history of magic? well take this test to see how good you are at it. test your friends to see who is the best. good luck.

Created by: Hermione

  1. Who did Harry see across the lake
  2. What is aragog's wife's name?
  3. Who enjoys a lively game of head juggle
  4. Which was the first person out of voldemorts wand when Harry and Voldemort dulled?
  5. How many points is the golden snitch worth
  6. What is the name of filch's cat
  7. Who does Harry marry
  8. What birthday does Harry celebrate in the second book
  9. Who was the grey lady related to
  10. Who is good-humoured and popular with the students of hufflepuff house
  11. Who didn't Harry bring back from the dead
  12. What phrase does mad eye moody keep repeating

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