The Red Panda Dominion Exam

So you have been cordially invited by a member of the Red Panda Dominion to join our select few club. This exam was created to test your worthiness to the Red Panda Dominion through sharpwittedness and instinct-handiness.

We wish you to luck, tiny traveler, on the Red Panda Dominion Exam and we hope to see you soon in our club--only if you can keep up to us. Choice few, as you know, can join, but will you be one of them? Continue on...

Created by: Red Panda Chief

  1. What is the first letter of the creator of the Red Panda Dominion's username?
  2. True or false: the Red Panda Dominion (Dom.) is about saving red pandas.
  3. True or false: the Red Panda Dom. is not about Zetapets.
  4. What is the Red Panda Dom. mascot's name?
  5. Choose the correct answer for the below questions. (Hint: Go with your first instinct. This portion of the exam is for anticipation measurement purposes.)
  6. Choose the correct answer:
  7. Choose the correct answer:
  8. Choose the correct answer:
  9. List in alphanumerical order:
  10. What is a passing grade for this test?

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