How well do you know your Panda?

So Buttons, you think you know your Panda? Well here's a quiz I designed to test your knowledge of me. I have carefully orchestrated 20 questions about your wonderful Panda.

Depending on how well you do I'll give you prizes. If you do a bad job I might have to send you to bed without any kisses so put your thinking cap on. Good luck.

Created by: Scott

  1. What color are my eyes?
  2. Where was I born?
  3. What kind of car do I drive?
  4. Where is my gun tattoo located?
  5. What do I consider my favorite movie to be?
  6. What band do I NOT have a poster of in my room?
  7. Who was the drummer of With A Passion?
  8. Which team were the Phillies playing when I went to the game with Doug?
  9. What band did I get to go on stage with?
  10. Which of the following in NOT a song on With A Passion's self-titled EP?
  11. What band t-shirt do I NOT own?
  12. Who is my favoirte baseball player of all time?
  13. What was the first rock concert I ever went to?
  14. What is my confirmation name?
  15. How much do I make an hour?
  16. What is my highest bowling score?
  17. How old was I when I moved to Pennsylvania?
  18. What was my first job?
  19. What block was our hotel on in Stone Harbor?
  20. How tall am I according to my driver's license?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my Panda?