Red Panda Quiz

The Red Panda, what is that alot of people asked me. I know the "normal Panda" ,but infact this Panda is the very first Panda. So test your IQ in Wahs, or check out the information in this site to perpeare you for this ultimate PANDA QUIZ

ARE YOU THAT ANIMAL BRANIAC! YOU KNOW ALL THE ANIMALS AND THEIR FACTS TIL THE EXACT POINT. Well then take this quiz on the "lesser-panda" and see if you are truely the IB Animal Nerd !!

Created by: R and S

  1. How often do red pandas meet outside of mating season?
  2. When do Red Pandas mate?
  3. Even though mating can occur from late fall to early spring, the males testes are retained in the abdomen until early January. WHy?
  4. This animal has a gestation period of ____ days.
  5. The reason for this large range in the gestation period is because of ...
  6. When does the physical changes in the Red Panda start to occur?
  7. How long do the young cubs saty in their nest?
  8. Are young red pandas born blind?
  9. Red Pandas start to become sexually mature at about ___ months
  10. What is the average life span range of a Red Panda?
  11. Red Pandas are Endangered? True or False
  12. What are the two major causes of this animal's extinction?
  13. Where does the Red Panda reside? Nepal Eastward along the Himalaya through the high mountains of nothern Burma and into Chna: southwest of Tibet and western Yunnan and Sichuan provinces
  14. What is the young red pandas's calls of distress for their mothers?
  15. What do Red Panda's Eat?
  16. The Giant Panda (not the Red Panda) was the very first Panda dicovered? True or False

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