How Well Do You Know Wolf Girl's Channel?

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Wolf Girl here, my first quiz, took a while for even ME to think of all of these. Let's see how well you know this fantasy world of mine. Who knows, maybe you know it better than me :3

I will ask questions that will give you 4 choices. Some questions will date back to when I first started making videos, so feel free to look back on some videos to make sure! Have fun!

Created by: Wolf Girl of Wolf Girl's Channel
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  1. Is Despair Male or Female?
  2. Who are Precious' parents?
  3. What is the first "Series" Wolf Girl created? (Was never finished).
  4. Who is Anaya?
  5. Who was the first OC that was introduced on the channel?
  6. What was the first Christmas Special?
  7. What was the first Halloween Special?
  8. How was Despair first introduced?
  9. Who is Despair's Mother?
  10. Who are Talia and Cosmic?
  11. Who is Dakota?
  12. What is Misty's alternate form?
  13. Who Is Despair's Father?
  14. Who is Misty's Lover?
  15. What does "Despairious" Stand for?
  16. What does "Minty" stand for?
  17. Who starred in the second Halloween Special, "Spooky Skeletons"?
  18. Who is Satan? (As a character)?
  19. What 2 main wolves star in the video "The Grand Design"?
  20. What is Despair's nickname?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Wolf Girl's Channel?