Are you the dominant wolf in the pack?

What wolf are you? Are you an aggressive, extreme, total dominant? Or do you cringe up to the leaders like the rest? A subordinate wolf? Who are you, wolf?

Do you stand up to your enemies with your lips peeled back and your tail raised? Or do you roll over on your back and whine with your tail beneath your hind legs?

Created by: Wynton
  1. You wake up in the morning and someone accidentally bumps into you in the crowed den. You
  2. When hunting, you see a large bull elk. You
  3. You lunge for the bull elk. The hunt is on. Where do you bite?
  4. The bull elk is down. When do you eat?
  5. Where do you like to venture in our packlands?
  6. The pack is howling at the moon at night. You howl
  7. You are sleeping in the den. What spot do you get?
  8. Complete this sentence: I am ____. I will ______ loners. I _____ stray over pack territory. I will ______ my pack and its members.
  9. How do you treat enemy wolves?
  10. How do you treat your allied wolves?

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Quiz topic: Am I the dominant wolf in the pack?