Wolf Love Story No. 2 (For females only!)

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Okay, this is the second 'Wolf Love Story' quiz. In the last one, you met your 'suitors.' In this part, you will get to interact with them more, still as Hope the wolf. There will also be another wolf, ready to join your pack of lovers, and there are rumors of a conspiracy outside the packs.

We will skip forward a little while, to were we are hearing your pack's current beta is sick, and your pack mates are wondering who the next one will be...

Created by: HazelnutTea
  1. Have you read the opening paragraphs? If not, please do. If yes, then you rock.
  2. Before we start, who did you get last time?
  3. Okay, we're starting now
  4. You hear Hunter calling the pack to hear some news. You come from what you were doing and sit next to:
  5. "Our beta is sick." Hunter began "And we fear we may soon need a replacement, as she becomes weaker by the day. But, whatever may happen next, we will never forget Beta Creek."
  6. "We will choose another beta tomorrow, at dusk. In the meantime, I will decide which of you it will be."Hearing this, you think that anybody could be beta... even yourself! How do you react?
  7. As you think about this, Rain comes over to you. "I think that you'd make a great beta!" she murmured. You reply how?
  8. You end up thanking her, and she pads away. You are about to return to the activity you were previously doing, when Fox approached you.
  9. Fox 'grinned' at you. "How're you doing?" she asked. You reply with:
  10. "I'm good." You said. "How about you?" "I'm happy now I'm talking to you, Hope." You are slightly stunned by this answer, and she continues with "meet me by the lake at noon." You nod, and she leaves
  11. With the sun directly overhead, you left for the lake, where Fox was waiting. "I have something to tell you." she said
  12. "What is it?" you asked nervously. Fox glanced around. "I know who killed your mother."
  13. "It was that black wolf- Spirit." she whispered "I saw him do it. I tried to stop him, but it was too late, and the best i could do was injure him... I wanted to tell you sooner but..."
  14. "I'm so, so sorry I couldn't save her. If there's anything I could do to make it up to you..." Fox howled in despair.
  15. Fox lowers her head. "I'm sorry..." she breathed. "Forgive me?" You reply with
  16. "I'm sorry." you say "But I can't forgive you just yet... I just wish you had gotten there sooner, to stop Spirit..." "I understand." Fox tore her gaze away from you. "I'm sorry."
  17. "I'm going back to the pack, Hope. I'll see you later." Fox ran away, and you sat by the lake all alone, when a familiar scent fell over you.
  18. "Hope?" Thalia asked. "Is that you, Thalia?" You looked over at the she-wolf who had come from behind you. "Yes, Hope. I was wondering what had happened to you."
  19. "I went back to my pack." You replied. "What were you doing?" Thalia pawed at the ground. "Well, I was thinking... why don't I join your pack?" "Really?" you stared at her. "You'd make that commitment?" Thalia nodded. "Yes."
  20. "I don't want to be alone anymore." Thalia continued. "I want to share my food, and hunt in a group, and be protected- but most of all, I want to be with you, Hope."
  21. "Well, I guess if you want to join you should come with me, so I can bring you to my pack." Thalia nuzzled you. "Thank you so much, Hope."
  22. You start in the direction of your pack, when you hear a voice. "Hello." they said. You whip around and see
  23. It was a stranger; he was large and gray and was looking straight at you. "Since you're taking her you might as well bring me to your pack." "Who are you?" you demanded. "I am Ash." he replied. "And I have come to take back my position as the alpha.
  24. You led Ash to your pack (against your will?) and he zeroed in on Hunter. "Brother!" He called out. "Miss me?"
  25. Hunter growled. "You are no brother of mine. You know what you did." Ash sighed. "What did I do, brother? I was just trying to make our pack great!" "You sent innocent wolves to their deaths! If only father could see you now- but he can't because you killed him!" Hunter yelled
  26. "Well, I can see you won't be giving in, will you?" Ash sneered at Hunter. "We'll just have to do this the hard way!" Ash lunged on Hunter and- CLIFFHANGER

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