Wolf Roleplay Part 1!

hello! Your a wolf in your pack, the phosphor clan. Your pack is in grave danger and your own life is at stake! Are you willing to fight to survive in this adventurous tale?

Ok in all serious ness, some questions will have a decision and the next questions you answer depen on that decision. there is a big part in one where if you choose the other, you can just choose, did not choose. If you did pick it answer the question as given. Thank you and hope u enjoy!

Created by: WolfyPuff
  1. Boi or gurl?
  2. Alright... i hope you read the intro... DID U????
  3. Lets get started. If your gender is girl, you are a wolf named Snow. Boy is Birch. IF you picked others, then you are named Parsley. M'kay?
  4. You are sleeping in your den with your roomate, Frost. Suddenly a dangerously loud howl wakes the two of you up. You exchange concerned looks and peek outside your den. The Alpha male is looking out of the clan's borders with concern in his voice as he yelps, "who's there?!" He then turns around and looks in dens seeing whos asleep. He seems to be accompanied by a youth who you think's name is Oak. What should you do?
  5. You walk up to Oak and Crisp and ask them what is happening. "we have NO idea! but whatever it was...." Oaks voice trails off. Crisp seems to blush and then quickly tries to hide it. but you still notice. He then calls for everyone to meet at the clan wall for an assembly. What do you do?
  6. You stay with Frost and nuzzle her to make sure she feels safe. A little while after the alpha male calls an assembly. You walk with.....
  7. The assembly goes as planned and Crisp decides to send out a group of the clan's strongest scouts, and they were to investigate. He told them they did not have to, but they should. The group of who's names you recognize (but there are more) is you, him, oak, flicker, and silver. What do you choose?
  8. You go with the group. Suddenly the howl pierces the air again and silver shreiks. "stay calm everyone!" crisp says and he flashes a look your way. you all stumble to the riverbend and decide to take a rest. You have gone at least 5 miles away from camp and some of the group is falling behind, but someone has to take watch. Of course, Crisp, oak, and you volunteer. What should you do?
  9. You are chosen to guard even though the others volunteered. You were one of their strongest fighters so they decided you can handle whatever is out there. AS you stay watch, Crisp is watching YOU. You notice, but should you say something?
  10. Before you say anything crisp talks for you. "You doing alright?" He seems to sense the tension in the group and has a concerned look and sound to his voice. What do you say?
  11. After you do what you did oak rushes away from the group's resting spot and heads toward you and crisp. "It's Silver!" he yelps. "she's bleeding!" Crisp asks him "what?! how?!" (for all of you wondering this question was only for information so imma put some rando stuff which determines the answers at the end just like a normal part)
  12. "i saw her lying there.... by a row of trees.... she was nearly dead, barely breathing..... i carried her back to camp and the others were as frightened as could be." Crisp and you follow Oak back to camp. What is your reaction when you see silver?
  13. whether it was your choice or not, Crisp decides to head back home and stay on guard. You head back and see nothing but peril and agony. "oh my Noellia..." Flicker says. Another wolf says, "we need to take cover!!!" Several others whimpred at the sight. You were frozen. What is your first thought?
  14. FINALLY WE FRICKING CONTINUE WITH THE OTHER CHOICE OMGGGGG!!!! Anyway you stay behind and let the others go out. The roar pierces the air once more and Frost shivers. You lick her ears nervously to calm her down and tell her to stay in the den. Eventually, about 3 days later the creature shows up at camp. You try to protect everyone you can but cant save everyone. You manage to get frost out but end up getting yourself wounded. You yelp with pain but another wolf saves you and brings you to the outside scavengers. Crisp's eyes are wide with fear and so is everyone else's as the wolf explains what happened. You wake up and find everyone sleeping except for crisp. he stayed up to help silver, who had also gotten attacked and you, but he was most concerned about you. What do you do?
  15. (if you stayed with the pack and got hit you are now in the same circumstance as the ones who picked to leave so you are now back at camp.) If you were wounded you got bandaged up and are now back to doing normal things but if you didn't it's the same. Flicker panics and when the roar beckons the air again he rushes behind you. Crisp turns away from him and faintly snarls. Oak looks red and blushy and silver is still out cold. What's your reacttion?
  16. A white coated wolf rushes back into the clan and is bloody and wounded. As soon as she can't run anymore she flops onto the ground. Everyone helps her and is happy because im donewith the sadness and loneliness and depressiong crap ok?!
  17. And then,
  18. To be contiued! O w O

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