Your wolf pack life part 1!!

Hi!! This is my first quiz and I worked so hard on it and i’ll stop the sentence now!! Ah, that feels good, right? Anyways, so, yeah, this is my first quiz and I hope you like it!

This quiz will be in parts. I prefer long stories so there will be a lot of them, probably. I really hope you like it! Are you reckless? Are you quiet? Are you kind? Or are you normal-ish?

Created by: Shelby
  1. Hi! This is my first quiz so I really hope like it! I spent so much time on it! Anyways,let’s start the quiz!
  2. You open your eyes for the first time you are:
  3. Your mother prepares to feed you,but all your littermates push you away.You:
  4. You are finally allowed out of the den! What do you do first?
  5. Your father decides to give you a tour. You bump into a black wolf pup.
  6. The wolf pup growls. “Back off! Are you blind!” But then you see an amber wolf pup come up behind him. “Don’t worry,” He says. “Shadow has always beengrumpy
  7. The amber pup says his name is Blaze but then your dad says you need to move on and drags yuo to the Medic den
  8. Btw this is my first quiz so sorry if its short and crappy
  9. You look around the Medic den. You hear a cough and Fern, the Medic, apologizes and explains that the Omega, Star, is sick.
  10. Then the Beta, Fox, rushes in and syas that they are under attack by DeathPack!
  12. Bye! Next quiz will be called Your wolf pack life part 2!! (Ima newbie)

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Quiz topic: My wolf pack life part 1!!