Wolf roleplay! Girls only, please! #1

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Hello everybody! Again, this is a girls only quiz! You are a female that is just about to find out her rank! You and your pack live in the snow white mountains. But you have to complete some feats before you become a full member of the pack! But your hardest task yet is finding a mate... Your friends names are Lucky, Pebble, and Snow. Lucky is the flirty one. Pebble is the party wolf, and Snow is the... er, multiple dater. (Im being NICE, okay??)

The NEXT quiz will have the ceremony/feats! Please no mean comments! If anything please tell me things to IMPROVE the quiz! I love you all! UvU Btw, tell me if you want me to add some personal art.

Created by: Wolfyquiz
  1. Have you read the intro?
  2. What color wolf do you prefer to be?
  3. You are walking in the woods with your friends, Pebble, Snow, and Lucky, who are more than pretty she-wolves. You pass by a group of male wolves. There is black wolf with a scar on his eye, a shimmering white wolf, an amber wolf with bangs over his eyes, and a big white wolf with something off around his back. All of them are handsome. All of your friends giggle, and you...
  4. The whitest wolf of the four smiles at you and your friends and says, "Hello ladies. Care to join us for a swim?" Your friends quickly agree, and you..
  5. As you all walk to the hot springs, the males introduce themselves. "I'm Fang." the black wolf replys coldly. "I'M AsPeN.", the white wolf chuckled. "I'm Amber.." the brown wolf says shyly. "And I'm Sephir." the last wolf booms, and as he says this, he spread beautiful white wings. All your friends gasp, and you
  6. As you all recover from your shock, your crush, Elite, of 5 months paws up to the group. "Can I join the swim?" You..
  7. No matter what you do, Elite comes anyway. After some walking, you arrive at the hot springs. Pebble jumps in, howling happily. Lucky is eyeing Sephir as she lays down in the water. All the boys are in the deep end, and Snow and Elite are missing. You...
  8. After some time, you decide to look for Snow and Elite. You swim in all of the pools, looking on rocks, underwater, and in caves. After some time, you catch Snow on top of Elite! Snow spots you and rolls her eyes. You..
  9. You head back after doing your thing. Pebble and Lucky see your red eyes and ask what's wrong. The rest of the boys were heading toward you, so you tell them. Pebble and Lucky gasp, and then yell and scream. The boys widened their eyes and snarled. They all start to run the direction you came in, you...
  10. But no matter what you do, your friends go to Snow and Elite anyway. They snarl and snap at them, but all Snow does is roll her eyes and say, "So what? It's not like Elite was gonna fall for her anyway." And then she winks at Sephir! You assume Sephir was her next target, and so you say...
  11. That's the end of the quiz! The ceremony/feats will happen next quiz!

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