Wolf love story! Only for female wolves!

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Hi! I'm Wavewhisker, queen in Riverclan, and this is my new wolf love story series! This story is about wolves, and it is not a warrior cat series that I usually work on. Well, have fun playing! I hope you like it!

This is a wolf love story. A wolf in Silverflame pack named Dawn will choose which wolf in her pack really likes her. There are male wolves named Icicle, Crow, Cloud, Pine, Rain.

Created by: Wavewhisker

  1. You are Dawn, a hunter in the Silverflame pack. You have a gray-and white coat, with dark yellow eyes.
  2. You went hunting in the forest, looking for prey. Someone called you from behind, and you looked back. It was Icicle, a white wolf, and also the alpha of the Silverflame pack. You dipped your head, and greeted the alpha. "There's no need to greet me like that" said Icicle. You slowly looked up, and Icicle continued. "I want to hunt with you. Is it okay if I go with you?" "Of course, Alpha." You said in a polite way. "You can call me Icicle." He said, leading you to the hunting grounds.
  3. You went back to the cave, carrying prey. Icicle went to meet Blaze, a senior wolf. "Hey!" Someone was calling you from behind. "Hi, Rain." You said, looking back. You looked at his sleek, gray body and his golden eyes. "Let's play!" He said, jumping at you. "Hey! We're not pups, you know." You said, knocking him off. He woke up, laughing cheerfully.
  4. As Rain walked off, a black wolf came to you. He was carrying a rabbit, and he dropped it in front of you. "You hungry?" "Yeah. Thanks, Crow." You answered, and sat down. "Your welcome." Crow said politely.
  5. After eating the rabbit, Crow turned to you. "Um, I'm going to go walking. Do you want to go with me?" "Sure." You answered. "Can I go too?" A voice came from behind. It was Pine, a dark brown wolf with rare green eyes. "Yeah, you can come too." Crow said, shrugging.
  6. You, Crow, and Pine walked through the trees, chatting quietly. Suddenly, you saw a white pelt moving in the bushes. "What are you doing, Cloud?" Pine asked, then Cloud came out. "Just practicing battle moves." He said. "You know that the Gorsebreeze pack took over the valley, right? We are planning to take it back." He said coolly, shoting a glance at you.
  7. You went back to the cave, and got back in your moss-covered bed. You tried to sleep, but couldn't sleep. You felt a warm body pressing to you, and felt safe. Who was it?
  8. It was Cloud, a wolf with a pure white coat. He saw that you are still awake, and said, "Oh, sorry, Dawn." "It's okay." You said, moving closer to...
  9. You woke up the next morning and saw Icicle standing in front of the crowd. You hurried up to them and heard the conversation. "Everyone! The Gorsebreeze pack have taken the valley long enough! It is time to take the valley back!" "Yeah!" Blaze shouted, and the other members of the pack cheered. "Dawn, Cloud, Pine, Rain, Blaze..." Icicle started naming the wolves. You cleaned yourself, nervous of the battle.
  10. You are walking in the forest, to the Gorsebreeze pack territory. Rain came to you, and said, "can I be with you right now? You know, I get a little nervous before battles." "Sure." You answered, and Rain pressed his flank to yours.
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