Warrior cats -blackhawk's love story- only toms!

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Hi! I'm Wavewhisker in Riverclan! This is a whole new story of warrior cats love story! This story is only for toms, so, be careful! I hope you enjoy thls quiz!

This story is about a tom named Blackkit\paw in windclan. He will choose who he loves the most, and who will be his mate. Remember, you can try as many times as you want! I hope you like it! Have fun!

Created by: Wavewhisker

  1. "You've finally opened your eyes!" Blackkit heard his mother, heatherwing, screaming in delight. "Hi, little brother!" A voice came from beside his mother. "You must be Dewkit! Hi, big brother!" You said in a big voice. "Shhh! Be quiet! Blackkit!" Said a soft voice from the other side of the nersery. It was sweetdawn, another queen who was sleeping beside her three kits.
  2. A few days later, Sweetdawn's kits opened their eyes. They were all she-cats. The biggest one was called Frostkit, the second one was called Flowerkit, and the third one -she was weaker than the other ones- were called Reedkit.
  3. Six moons passed, and you and Dewkit got apprentice names, Blackpaw and Dewpaw. Frostkit, Flowerkit, and Reedkit all got their apprentice names too. You got a mentor, named Jayfrost.
  4. "Blackpaw! It's already morning!" You heard the voice of flowerpaw and woke up. "Good morning, Blackpaw." Flowerpaw was carrying a rabbit in her mouth. She dropped the rabbit and said,"wanna eat?" "Sure." You replied and crouched down, thinking...
  5. You were training with Frostpaw. You dodged one of Frostpaw's attacks and batted Frostpaw on her muzzle, but Frostpaw quickly attacked again and you were pinned down. "You are weak than I thought." Frostpaw said in a cold voice. But soon, she let go of you and said, "But I got to admit, that dodging was pretty good." "Thanks." You said, waking up.
  6. "Hi Reedpaw. How was your training?" After you finished your training with Frostpaw, you saw Reedpaw. "U,umm.." Reedpaw took a step backwards. "Hey, it's okay. It's just me. Blackpaw." "Are you sure you're not going to attack me?"Reedpaw asked. "Sure I'm sure!" You answered. "Okay, then. Sorry, Blackpaw."
  7. "Windclan! Attack!" Acornstar's voice rang at the outlook rocks. Blackpaw, Reedpaw, and Jayfrost found an almost the whole clan of Riverclan cats near the border, and they were invading windclan territory. They reported Acornstar about it, and Acornstar decided the windclan cats will attack the invaders.
  8. Blackpaw rushed out of the rocks he were hiding, and attacked the riverclan cats. They were surprised by the attacks of windclan. Blackpaw attacked the nearest riverclan tom with Frostpaw. She ducked and dodged the attacks while Blackpaw raked his muzzle. A few moments later, he turned back and ran back towards his own territory. Frostpaw smiled at you as she went to help Flowerpaw.
  9. Bonus-which warrior cat do you like the best? (It doesn't effect the story of Blackpaw)
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