Nightshade~ A tale of adventure, mystery and romance

This is a short series I am hoping to start and continue. Hoping it will get many loyal fans too. I also thought it would be cool to add the element of wolves into this story.

Are YOU into wolves? Then maybe this series is for you! This may have a sequel so please stay tuned amigos and amigas! (no, I am not Spanish for your information)

Created by: poptiny

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  1. I wake up with a sheen of sweat on my forehead. I blink a bit as I'm momentarily blinded by the moonlight filtering through the window in my bedroom. I look around and breathe a small sigh of relief. It was only a dream, that's all. I get up at stare out my window at the distant forest on the edge of my neighbourhood and hear the magical howl of wolves. Ever since my 16th birthday it had always made my skin tingle.
  2. I kept staring into the woods, wishing I could see them up close.
  3. Suddenly there is a loud thump outside my door. Frowning I open it to see Darren face first on the floor, a now empty glass of water beside him. I kneel down and poke him, smiling playfully. "Hey there, need some help Dare?" I ask, my tone light. He lifts his head up to look at me, his brown hair falling into his forest green eyes. Darren had always had good looks, ever since we'd been little kids. He smiles shyly and heaves himself off the ground. "Nah, no thanks,why are you up at 1 in the morning?" he asks, his earlier shyness gone to be replaced by his usual half smirk. "Just couldn't sleep is all," I say quickly, still weary of my dream. Darren rests his hand on my shoulder gently. "Well, alright Sara, good night..." he disappeared to the kitchen to refill his glass, footsteps creaking under the old staircase to the first floor. I sigh. If only he knew that I woke up every night with the SAME dream ever darn night...
  4. I check on Isabelle as I pass her bedroom door. She's my little sis if you're wondering. Only six and she acts like the boss of the house...the twerp. Guess it's to be expected since our mother died 3 years ago at our old house that had caught fire mysteriously. Me, Izzy and Dad got out fine but the fire had also spread to our neighbour's house, home of my best friend since I was four, Darren's place. Sadly, the fire had trapped his parents in the house as it burned. Only little Dare managed to steer clear of it because he was playing in the tree house his father had made for him for his 5th birthday. So I guess her attitude is her way of coping with mom...not being around anymore. She was sleeping soundly under the light of her soft blue nightlight. I smiled and headed back to bed, before I closed my eyes I began to think about how I was going to spend my first day of summer vacay. Then I let the darkness of sleep overcome me.
  5. The bright sunlight made me blink twice as I woke up, my tummy growling. *I really should put up a drape or something over that darn window...* I thought as I walked almost in a trace to the kitchen where a full out pancake breakfast was layed out, with all the fixings. Whipped cream, bacon, egss, toast, you name it. The chef behind it? None other than Dad. I gave him hug from behind as he flipped an omelet on the stove. "Thanks Dad." he smiled that dad smile, where the corners of his blue eyes wrinkled slightly. I took a seat at the table, loading my plate with my favorites. It was a small family tradition that we have a pancake breakfast to celebrate the first day of summer. Darren sat across from me, his plate already half empty. Izzy was still asleep, she always slept in. I paused my chewing and swallowed to yell up the stairs "IZZY!! You better get down here before Darren eats all the chocolate chip pankcakes!!" they were her fav and Darren, like all teenage guys his age had a bottomless appetite. Two minutes later I could hear her small footsteps followed by a flash of her golden hair and then her wide light blue eyes were staring into mine, a little pout on her lips. "You said you'd wake me up early for breakfast!!" she cried. I stared dismissively at her. "Yeah, well I forgot..." I said, not really caring that much. She was old enough to take care of herself. She hopped on her chair and dug into her own share of the pancakes, pleasantly surprised to find her favs still there.
  6. After breakfast me and Darren left Dad and Izzy in the living room while they watched Saturday cartoons. We walked to the park, surrounded by trees and so much lively greenery it was hard to believe we were in the middle of a drought. Darren was at my side, a lazy grin on his face as a hot breeze ruffled his dark hair. He looked over at me and caught me staring. "What? Am I THAT irrisistable?" he said a confident smirk on his lips. I shoved him with my arms, hardly swaying his lean build. "Psh, as if, you're about as attractive as Mrs.Gloria our grade 7 history teacher." I was referring of course to our very old, wrinkly and not to mention cranky teacher that had retired two years ago from our old elementary school. Of course, we were in high school now, but it had not been that long ago. He feigned a look of horror and dismay. "W-what?!" "Yeah, big time." I added, a wide smile across my face. His smile returned and his eyes grew playful. "Hey, I'll race you to the old oak Sara!" he sprinted off but I soon gained past him, as one of the fastest runners on track at school a quick sprint was easy. But I couldn't help that I was being watched by someone other then Darren...
  7. We were nearly equal as we neared the huge oak tree that signaled the short cut to the deeper parts of the forest. At the last second Darren managed to speed past me. His hand smacked the smooth bark as he let out a cry of victory. "And the winner of the world championship sprint is...DARREN!!!" he faked the sound of a crowd cheering by cupping his hands together, arms still shaking from the adrenaline. I stood beside him, catching my breath. "You were just lucky today, that's all." I said, sitting down on the twisted root that had been bent into a curve big enough for two to sit on. He sat beside me, gazing out at the sparkling pond to our left. I felt a little self conscious as I remembered this was were lovers carved their names on the bark and then, in the deeper parts of the woods, made out. Darren was unaware though so I tried to forget my nervous heartbeat pounding in my ears. I stared out to, watching as a frog leaped from a lily pad into the water soundlessly. "It's so beautiful..." I breathed, calm once more.
  8. After about an hour or so, we made our way back to the house, completely relaxed. We took the shortcut through the woods, knowing we'll be late for lunch if we didn't. The breeze was cooler under the branches of the forest making me close my eyes for a moment to hear rattling of the leaves. I was still walking though, I didn't see the root sticking out of the ground before it was in front of my shoes. I opened my eyes to feel myself fall to wards the dirt, I closed my eyes as I braced for the impact. But, suddenly I stopped mid-fall. I opened one eye curiously to see that Darren had caught me. He looked a little worried as he put me back on my feet. "Hey, be careful Sara..." he said as he continued to walk, glancing back to make sure I was following. I was glad to be behind him because it hid my face as I felt it flush with embarrassment. Gosh, I was so clumsy these days.
  9. We reached the house in record time just as Dad was opening the back porch door to call us for lunch. We jogged up to the door and slid in, taking off our dirty shoes and headed to the kitchen for Izzy's famous P.B and honey sandwhiches she loved to make as her contribution to our first day of summer. We both dug in hungrily into our sandwhiches, I felt my face get covered in honey and peanut butter but I didn't care, I would wipe it off later. We washed it down with a glass of chocolate milk before we cleaned ourselves up to help dad with all the dishes we had dirtied this morning. After, I was feeling rather drowsy so I headed to my room for a nap. As I passed Darren's room I spied him reading, that boy could never put a book down after he'd started one. He was still athletic, being in the softball team, but that didn't start until July so he was left with his books until then. I walked by Isabel's empty room, she was outside playing while dad watched her. I finally reached my light blue door that opened up into my bedroom. I plopped down on the blankets with a sigh and soon fell asleep, my dreams not filled with wolves for once but of a certain young boy with brown hair and green eyes...
  10. So, that's it for now! This was my first quiz so I'd love to hear your comments to see if I should write a second chap/part. Rating would be great as well! ^^ Peace out! ~poptiny

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