WoM #1- Introductions

Wolves of Memoria is the story of a pack of winged wolves and their enemies, the ink hounds. They are good fighters, strong hunters, and powerful trackers.

This tale follows the story of Aurora, the current leader of the pack. She has recently received a prophecy about the fate of her son, and she goes on a quest to protect him.

Created by: ICEE CHILL

  1. Welcome to Memoria, home to the winged guardian wolves of legend. This was once a peaceful place, until the last living human created what are known as Ink Hounds. Black wolves, created with pure evil. Their leader, Hammer, is the cruelest of all. But right now we turn to a good wolf pack, where the winged ones sleep peacefully.
  2. Aurora, the alpha of the pack, slowly stood up, shaking the sleep from her rich, dark brown coat. She blinked her silver eyes sleepily and yawned. Her blue wings were a bit stiff from sleep, so she stretched them as well.
  3. Aurora looked beside her, where a large black and gold striped shape was curled around a smaller green and sandy colored one. Her mate, Ink, and son, Lance.
  4. She padded out of the small tunnel to scan her eyes over the large cave's belly. From here, she could see her whole pack. The pups and their mothers, the less-wolves, full-wolves, and the elders.
  5. "It's good to see the pack together." She murmured to herself. Extending her blue wings, she leapt off the outcropping and flew outside.
  6. Aurora landed on the ledge above the cave and was surprised to see Amagar, her second in command, already there. "Good morning." He said, kindly blinking his amber brown eyes. Aurora smiled in response, looking intensely at the black mountain in the distance. "Mt. Blood grows stronger each day." She whispered. Her voice was thick with concern.
  7. Amagar followed the Alpha's gaze to the distant peak. "It does." He agreed. "We will have to destroy it eventually." He said, shifting. Aurora sighed. He was right of course, but that didn't make it any easier. "Lives will be lost. The stars foretold it." She was still whispering, as if afraid to disturb the silence.
  8. The black second in command nodded. "I know. But the longer we wait, the harder it will be when the time comes." He explained calmly. The Alpha shook her head shook her head furiously. "I will go to the elder then. He'll know what to do."
  9. Amagar watched Aurora carefully as she shook her pelt and stood. "Would you like me to come?" He asked hesitantly. When she shook her head again, he stood with her. "You shouldn't go alone." He said stubbornly. Aurora looked at him for a long time, her silver eyes holding much sorrow and anxiety. She finally looked down. "I'll take your sister, Alandra." Amagar nodded, satisfied, and Aurora flew back into the cave.
  10. As the Alpha flew into the cave, she thought about the prophecy she had received from Bone, the profit in the pack. Alandra was a smart young wolf, she would be willing enough. It was what the elder would say that worried her...
  11. What did the prophecy say? What will the elder say? Will Alandra agree to accompany Aurora? Find out next time in WoM #2- The Elder and the Prophecy

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