How much do you know about Wolfquest?

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Wolfquest. A game where people of all ages can learn about wolves, by walking in their footsteps. You can hunt prey, find a mate, form a pack, have pups and fend off rivals and enemies!

How much do YOU know about wolfquest? Are you a genius at the game, and an adult alpha wolf, or are you still a pup, strollling out of the saftey from the den? You will soon find out!

Created by: OmegaWolf
  1. How many pelt colours can you select from, when customizing your wolf?
  2. What are names of the three "Stats" you can use while customizing your wolf?
  3. What location do you start the game at?
  4. What is your first quest to complete?
  5. What prey can you hunt?
  6. How many wolves do you need to fight before finding a mate?
  7. What are the wolf territories called?
  8. What does the Orange/red circle mean, as a key on the map?
  9. After finding a mate, what other place is unlocked that you can explore?
  10. What must you do first after you have arrived at the unlocked place?
  11. True or False- If you get enough experience, you unlock an extra den
  12. How many pups can you get?
  13. Can you get a White-Pelt pup?
  14. What are the two preditors that try to get your pups?
  15. What does your mate do, while your looking after the pups and marking the territory?
  16. How much should the pups weigh before they leave the den?
  17. What are the wolf ranks called in the game?
  18. What is the final mission of the game?
  19. How does the game end?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Wolfquest?